Why Ames

We recognise that every business may have a unique set of problems specific to their own market sector and/or skills and abilities, however the fundamentals of accounts, results and outcomes are invariably the same no matter what the size or market sector.

We have over 40 years hard earned experience in both small and multi-national companies that have shaped our thoughts and ideas on business and focused our attention on what works and what does not.

With this experience we are confident that we can provide support and direction to help you achieve greater success in your business. So why should you consider an Ames Business Coach and what will we do for your business?

Being a business owner can be a very lonely place, when things are going well everyone’s happy but when things are not so good it’s down to you. If you are the MD of a company with no board, then you are responsible, it’s your “fault”, if you have a board under you they will be looking to you for guidance and inspiration – so who do YOU turn to?

If you think of it as a sporting team, Football or Rugby for example then you as the Captain/MD of the team can look to your Coach and or coaching team, they will provide the guide, the inspiration, the tactics, the strategy to get you from where you are to where you really want to be – WINNING THE GAME!!

So what will a Coach provide for your business? Here are a few ideas:-

  • A Coach will listen and more importantly, be non-judgemental – whatever you have done it must have been for a reason.
  • A Coach will give guidance based on years of experience and best practice, and if additional expertise is required, that too will be provided.
  • A Coach will sometimes be brutally honest and will tell it like it is.
  • A Coach will help you focus on the present as well as the long-term strategy.
  • A Coach will be your Marketing Manager, your Sales Director, your Operations Director, your Non-Executive Director, Partner, your confidant, your business mentor, your best friend and sometimes your harshest critic.
  • But most all your Coach will help YOU to achieve YOUR goals and will HELP YOU to improve your business significantly.

Next Step – Simple, just give us a call or contact us  today and we will help you find the best solution to help with your business.